Delivery Services

We'll bring it to you

Each delivery service requires us to get in contact with the customer via a phone call on the day of delivery to ensure delivery specifications are met and payment, if not upfront, is accounted for. If the customer can not be reached, the delivery can not be undertaken, and the material will remain here at the store until a delivery can be arranged.

The ordering call is counted as separate from the delivery call.

Prices Vary according to delivery type, and distance from our shop. We determine our prices by how many minutes of travel it takes to get to a dropoff location.


perennials, trees, houseplants, and annuals fall under this delivery category, and will be delivered in a white ford shop van to your place of residence, or an otherwise specified location.


Deliveries of Grain, Hay, shavings, and other garden supplies fall under this category.


Whenever you order loam, stone, mulch, sand, or compost products in bulk, we consider them an aggregate delivery. We deliver bulk aggregates with our 1 Ton dump body truck. The amount of material we can fit into one delivery depends on the weight of the material. For instance, we can take 5 yard of mulch, but only 3 yards of stone per delivery.