We're Delighted to Be Your Local Agway Dealer

Come in and see our new products.  Do you have a favorite Away product?  If we don’t have it in stock we can order it for you!  Give us a call or ask at the counter.  We’re happy to help.
Some of the Agway products we currently carry: Earthborn, Southern States Dog & Cat Food, Rabbit, Guinea Pig, and Chinchilla food; lots of yummy treats, chews, balls, frisbees and bones for your furry friends.  We carry wildlife feed and many  different types of bird seed, suet cakes, and seed logs.  Bird feeders are hanging all around our store to tempt any type of bird you fancy.  We have assorted garden tools, Espoma products, potting soils, pest control products, and fertilizers for your gardens.  We LOVE our Agway Products!