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Stone, Mulch, Soil, Compost

We make our own Compost certified for Organic Use in the state of NH, and offer a range of other gardening materials to fill, create, or remediate your existing beds, pathways, lawns, and gardens.


Setting Up a New Garden?

We have all the materials you may need

At North Country Farm and Garden, we’re passionate about making it as easy as possible for anyone to grow their own garden. We have a large selection of greenery and aim to make the world a greener place to live, one plant at a time. If you would like to start your own garden, we carry a large assortment of stones, mulches, soils, and plants to get you on your way to a greener garden, and all of us on our way to a greener world.


Bulk Aggregate Pricing

All Prices are per full yard, but can be sold by the half yard.

1 1/2" Crushed Stone

3/4" Washed Stone

3/4" Crushed Gravel

3/4" Ledge Pack

Rock Dust

Screened Sand




Loam/ Compost

Compost Mulch

Dark Spruce Mulch

Hemlock Mulch

Wood Chip Mulch

Raw Chips

Fill your own 5 Gal Bucket: $5.00

Yardage Calculator